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#32 Shipwrecked: Arrival by Everland-Stables #32 Shipwrecked: Arrival by Everland-Stables
For [link]

Horse: Emberis [link]
Rider: Keith


"... big ship."
Keith watched the cruise liner sail past the dock. A small tender craft would come to pick up him and his horse, as their dock was far too small to provide berth for such a massive ship. Emberis nuzzled his shoulder and snorted. His ears were pricked and one hind hoof stamped with impatience. He could sense adventure, and after too long relegated to the retirement pasture he was ready to strut his stuff again.
Keith laughed and rubbed his velvet-soft white nose. He traced the red diamond between the big stallion's nostrils. Emberis would never be shown again, nor would he father any more foals, but Keith thought it was high time the stallion had a little pampering anyway. This equine cruise seemed just the thing: a safe, playful environment where he could rub shoulders with other horse and rider teams, and where Emberis could be treated like the stable king he was. Perhapse...
Keith let himself laugh. Perhaps Emberis's stud days were not over yet, and perhaps his own may be starting soon... a cruise ship was not a bad place to meet a soul mate...


Arrival Image: this one (20 pts)
S.O.S. Journal: [link] (5 pts)
Prompt 1: [link] (10 pts)
Prompt 1 Extras: [link] (10 pts each)

Point Total: 55


Working on my pen and ink quick drawing skills. Going to try for all similar sketches, work on consistency in illustrating a story without the benefit of an eraser or a back button!
Jian89 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks awesome ^^
Kidrylm-writer Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*jumps up and down* So happy to see more art from you - I really love your style! So very simple yet so very elegant.
And daww <3 Kieth wants a soulmate. Well who knows! An island adventure could end up being very romantic too!
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January 22, 2013
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